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This project was launched on March 22nd, 2017, as a first step for inspiring and training people for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the opportunities created by Artificial Intelligence.

We are currently working at:

  • Scientific Research on Beneficial Artificial Intelligence Development;
  • Scientific Research on the Impact of Automation on the future of jobs;
  • Non-scientific content sharing at the website ainews.com.br;
  • Presentations on Artificial Intelligence, the new era of abundance and the future of jobs;
  • Workshops on business applications for Artificial Intelligence;
  • Consultancy and Development for business applications powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We are aiming at creating traction for deploying a massive education program for people displaced by automation.

Some numbers (as of December 31st, 2017):

  • Accepted scientific paper: 1
  • Face-to-face public presentations: 14
  • Total face-to-face audience: 1K+
  • Facebook fan page followers: 800+
  • Website unique visitors: 2,6K+

We will be glad hearing from you about market or research collaboration.

Vinicius Soares
AAAI Member ID: 87021
+55 35 991 332 929 (mobile + whatsapp + wechat)